Apply Below to Secure Your Space for Totality!

Heal with us under the total solar eclipse of April 2024.

Near Dallas, Texas | April 5-10, 2024

Less than 15 spaces available, tickets launch

Experience Whole Heart Healing Under the Total Solar Eclipse Totality Path

We are thrilled to announce a once-in-a-lifetime retreat under the April 2024 total solar eclipse. This extraordinary event marks the last opportunity to witness totality in the United States for over 20 years, and we are dedicated to making the most out of this celestial phenomenon.

Work from the Heart

What We Value

Your world can shift rapidly when someone curates a space for it to happen. We are committed to being those people.

We came, we loved, we healed. 5 Years of events + Many more to go.

Our Past Retreats and Events

Self Expression Workshop

Fall 2019

Show Yourself

Fall 2020

Sisters of the Moon: Exploring the Divine Feminine

Fall 2022

Sisters of the Moon: A Divine Feminine Deepening

Spring 2023

What's it like to attend a retreat with us?

From the moment you arrive until you pack up in your car and derive away, you’ll feel seen, cared for and safe to embrace the experience.

Odds are your life is filled with busyness, stress, families or other responsibilities that rob you of the intentional time you need to dig deep within, reflect and shift from your very soul. 

We choose to take care of everything for you so you can give attention to the thing that really matter. Every meal is handcrafted with love, intention and skillful hands, and we provide 3 every single day. 

You wake each day to the smell of whatever our gourmet chef has crafted for breakfast, 

Each day is planned for you with ample amount of free time to process, connect and have fun.

Your Soulful Shift Retreats are intuitively and intentionally curated to provide the exact environment and experiences that turn down the dial on your stress, nurture your physical needs and give you space to learn, grow and change without judgement or fear. 

When you return home you’ll have new strength and knowledge having left many burdens that you brought with you on the steps of the home that held space for you for several days. 

If you’re looking for a space to be yourself with other like minded people, you’ve found it.

There is nothing accidental about your experience. It is divinely led, planned and executed to give you the space you need to move forward.

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