Sisters of the Moon Retreat

ST. GEORGE, UTAH | May 18-21, 2023

Are you ready to tap deeply into your inner wisdom and shed another layer of what isn’t you? 
Do you desire to integrate more creative feminine energy into your daily life?  
Are you craving a beautiful, healing experience with other incredible women?
Plus, delicous, delectible food that you won’t stop talking about?

Then this weekend is for you.

You were designed to CREATE with your mind, body, and soul.

As women, we have innate divine creative power. This event is designed to awaken that within YOU! See, we come to this Earth with a desire to create in the world. Haven’t you ever seen a child who draws, colors, molds, builds and digs in the dirt? That creative energy is housed within our bodies. But then someone told us we need to stop doodling, sit down, shut up and grow up. We are here to break that mold. We are here to bring to life the inner artist and creator that you truly are! So you can have freedom to be in your relationships, receive money, and enjoy an overall creative life!






Enjoy a weekend in an intuitively selected property that matches the energy of the event and provides the right space for connection, delicious chef prepped dinners, healing work and of course, spontaneous dance parties (true story!).

Meet Your Hosts

With a collective 25+ years of personal growth and healing, intuitive gifts, and guiding others to find their best selves, you’re in for a glorious weekend!

Trained in many healing modalities, personal development strategies, and real-life experience, this set of friends and professionals are partnering up to create this beautiful intimate event to walk women through awakening their awareness of their inner divinity, deeply loving themselves, becoming their most authentic being, and truly embracing life!

Alishia Devey

Gifted Spiritual Intuitive
Certified Sound Therapist
Women’s Advocate

Taylor Douglas

Business Owner
Energetic Intuitive
Experience Architect

Kati Weaver

Traveling Nomad
Event Facilitator
Growth Mentor

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All tickets are first come first serve and bedding assignments will be given based on the date of registration, with consideration for physical needs. All payments are considered non-refundable but transferrable between participants or retreats.

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