Sisters of the Moon Retreat
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FALL 2023

Sisters of the Moon Retreat:
A Divine Feminine Deepening

Taylor Douglas, Alishia Devey & Kati Weaver

Life with Imbalanced Energy is Exhausting

The hustle, hurry and tasks  of every day living can leave you living in imbalanced or wounded feminine energy forcing you to lean into our inner masculine which leaves you feeling:

  • disconnected from your personal power
  • lacking creativity and passion
  • distrusting of your intuition and self
  • at war with yourself
  • striving to be “good enough and worthy”
  • judging yourself and others
  • trying to force outcomes in your life
  • feeling like you’re chasing a purpose that you can’t find
  • second-guessing yourself and your abilities
  • completely exhausted from life
  • anxiety through the roof
  • constantly activated (triggered) by your life and others

In this space, you might be struggling to express yourself, hiding your true feelings and desires in order to fit in or be accepted or survive your daily life. You’re stuck attempting to force everything around you to work out and….

…it’s not working

…you feel like you’ve tried everything in the book

…and you aren’t sure where to turn next.

That’s where we come in.

The divine feminine is not something you become, it is already who you are.

…the divine feminine is an essential part of who you and we are as conscious beings.

It is not male or female, it is both in our wild and untamed destructive nature and in our soft and still, nurturing energy.

It serves as a counterpart to the divine masculine, which controls and provides, and when these energies are in balance, we can experience a harmonious existence filled with beauty, ease, and emotional equilibrium.

All conscious beings have both of these energies. Howver, our society often values and prioritizes masculine structures, causing us to lose touch with our feminine energy.

We may suppress our sacred feminine voice, disconnect from our sensuality, and feel disempowered in the chase of societal expectation.

But by learning to tune back into this energy, we can reignite our inner light and find balance once again.

Others have said they experienced these things once they integrated a healthy feminine flow into their lives:

What does empowered feminine energy feel like... in REAL life?

What if you could live a life where you:

  • knew that you innately already had everything you need to have what you desire
  • are awake to your creative abilities and enjoy the simple things again
  • trust the intuitive knowing and experience spiritual progress in your life
  • feel integrated in your energies
  • know you are good enough and worthy without a question
  • release the judgement of yourself and others
  • call in desired outcomes without attachment and experience a flow like never before
  • understand that purpose is expressed in all you do, not in a specific destination
  • and more.

When your divine feminine is fully engaged, you are empowered to make choices for ourselves that are unique to YOUR life and desires, instead of pleasing everyone else. This event is designed to hold space for you to come, connect and engage your feminine energy in a safe, energetically sound and trauma-informed environment. 

Meet Your Hosts

With a collective 25+ years of personal growth and healing, intuitive gifts, and guiding others to find their best selves, you’re in for a glorious weekend!

Trained in many healing modalities, personal development strategies, and real-life experience, this set of friends and professionals are partnering up to create this beautiful intimate event to walk women through awakening their awareness of their inner divinity, deeply loving themselves, becoming their most authentic being, and truly embracing life!

Kati Weaver

Energetic Intuitive and Healer
Chronically Nomadic Writer
Retreat Facilitator

Alishia Devey

Gifted Spiritual Intuitive
Certified Alchemy Sound Therapist
Divine Feminine Embodiment Mentor

Taylor Douglas

Energetic Intuitive
Growth & Healing Mentor
*Aura Institute Certified Integrative Trauma Coach

What can you expect?

This all inclusive retreat includes:

All Retreat Experiences

At this event, there are no VIP sessions or exclusive experiences, only togetherness. We will be participating in all activities as a group. Whether you're seeking inner peace or new adventures, our retreat package has something for everyone, and you can enjoy all the experiences without worrying about extra fees or hidden costs.

Overnight Accomodations in a Shared Space

Every ticket comes with either a bunk or shared queen space, and all the rooms are assigned and shared. You don't have to worry about choosing a room or finding a roommate, as everything is taken care of with your ticket purchase.

Eight Delectible, Hand-Prepared Meals with Rose

Rose creates delectable and amazing food that not only satisfies your appetite but also warms your heart. We strive to ensure that all dietary requirements are met, and allergy accommodations are provided for all meals. You can savor Rose's scrumptious dishes without any concerns about your dietary needs. However, if you have severe restrictions, you are welcome to bring your own labelled food for the fridge. We will already be serving accommodations for dairy and gluten.

High-Quality, Intuitively Chosen Gift

We love to give gifts! We will be putting together a gift package just for you and the other women at the retreat.

Daily Rest & Integration Time

We will have down time for integration during the retreat and 2 post-retreat group support calls for anything that comes up once you get home!

Experiences for Growth

Reserve Your Space

All tickets are first come first serve and bedding assignments will be given based on the date of registration, with consideration for physical needs. All payments are considered non-refundable but transferrable between participants or retreats.

Choose between 3 monthly payments or a 1-time payment below.

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Have Questions?

Answers to the most common questions we get.

A women’s retreat is an event or program designed specifically for women to take a break from their daily lives, connect with other women, and focus on personal growth and self-care. Women’s retreats can vary in length, format, and location, but they often offer a combination of workshops, classes, and activities that promote relaxation, wellness, and personal development.

We will be staying together in a beautiful home located in Santa Clara, Utah about 30 minutes outside of St. George.  This home boasts a beautiful pool, hot tub, fire pit and more. 

Every retreat has it’s own unique activity plan all of which are chosen strategically and intuitively to fulfill the purpose of the event. This event includes star gazing, time around the fire, deep conversations, speaker workshops, and lots of free time for integration! 

Yes. Everyone who attends this retreat must be 18+ years old. There is not an age restriction beyond this.


The closest large airports are Las Vegas International and is about a 2 hour drive to St. George, Utah.

Salt Lake City is a 4.5 hour drive to St. George.

Car rentals will be available at both airports. Car pooling may be possible with other attendees but you are responsible for working this out with other participants and getting yourself to the event.

This event includes room and food accomodations from Thursday May 18 through Sunday, May 21st.


  • Thursday, Light Dinner + Overnight Accomodations
  • Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Overnight Accomodations
  • Saturday, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Overnight Accomodations
  • Sunday, Breakfast. No overnight accomodations.

We hire a professional chef to attend our event to plan, shop and cook the food at our retreats. She has gotten praise at every event that we have planned. We plan a menu that is healthy, delicious and accommodates food allergies and preferences to the best of our ability. This event will have gluten, dairy and tree nut allergy accommodations. Other accommodations will be received via the registration form.

Food is very imporant to us, trust us when we say you’ll be fed! <3

At this retreat we are offering a unique same price, same experience pricing model. We will accommodate requests and physical needs in the bed assignments but you can expect to either receive a single bed, a bottom/middle/top bunk or share a king bed with another participant. We will take volunteers first for shared bed spaces.

The retreat begins Thursday, May 18 at 5pm and will end Sunday, May 21st with a departure time between 12 and 2pm.

Lunch will not be provided on Sunday.

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