growth is better when you do it with friends

come with us on a journey of discovering and stepping boldly into your divine purpose

You’ve stumbled upon a space where we lift others up beyond where they knew it was possible to go. Where we see your potential and hold space for you to experience it yourself. Where we look into your eyes and tell you we love you. Where you leave us with more resilience, presence and confidence to move forward and create the life you love.  If you’re ready to cultivate a meaningful life, you’ve come to the right place.

Grab your 2024 Content Calendar & Viral Hooks & CTA Bundle

High quality content ideas for coaches, services-providers and solo-preneurs who are using social media to build a following, make sales and build a reputation! Customize the prompts to any niche and enjoy a year of incredible content.

5 Years of Healing events for women + Many more to go.

Upcoming Events

Totality: Total Eclipse of the Heart

get out of your head and into your heart under the full solar eclipse in april 2024
Attend Totality

Sisters of the Moon: Divine Feminine Deepening

Spring 2024

Step Into Your Divine Feminine

Get On The List!

Warning: Around here, nothing stays the same.

Potent Retreat Experiences

Speed up your healing and connect deeply with yourself, your core divine purpose and break down barriers to being with other people at inclusive, soul nourishing trauma-informed healing retreats.

Personal Transformation Mentoring

Dig deep into your heart and pull out your deepest desires, see where you’re keeping yourself from having them and create a life you love in the nitty gritty details of your daily existence.

Brand Strategy & Consulting

Get into the heart and aesthetic of your business to call in your ideal client with brand presence and digital design.

Swag for Playful Positivity

Share your journey with the world with playfully postive tees, sweaters and other swag for daily joy.

Energetic Healing & Somatic Coaching

Heal from the spirit out with intuitive healing sessions with Taylor or Kati to feel, heal and call in the next phases of yourself.

Our Past Retreats and Events

Sisters of the Moon: Awakening The Creative Feminine

Spring 2023

Sisters of the Moon: Exploring the Divine Feminine

Fall 2022

Show Yourself: You Are The One You've Been Waiting For

Fall 2020

Self Expression Workshop

Fall 2019

BRAND STRATEGY AND DIGITAL DESIGN Every dreamer, dreams to create more. We help you bring that to life.

Some of our previous logo clients include:

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